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Launched in 2018, the Institute of Ecology (IOE) is dedicated to being at the forefront of executive education and fostering cutting edge research in ecological sciences. The IOE is currently home to faculty 36 members from the College of Urban & Environmental Sciences, the School of Life Science, and the College of Environmental Sciences and Engineering, including 3 Members of the Chinese Academy of Science.Faculty members are grouped into seven teaching and research units.

  • - Plant Ecology Unit
  • - Animal Ecology Unit
  • - Microbial Ecology Unit
  • - Ecosystem Ecology Unit
  • - Landscape Ecology Unit
  • - Restoration ecology Unit
  • - Sustainability and Ecology Unit
  • - Ecological Station and Platform Unit

The IOE has following ecological field stations and platforms:

  • -> The Saihanba Station of Peking University Observatory System for Ecology and the Environment (PKU-OSEE) in Saihanba, Hebei
  • -> The Three-River-Source (Sanjiangyuan) Conservation Station, in the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau
  • -> Wanglang Forest Ecological Research Station in Pingwu, Sichuan
  • -> Manipulation Experimental Network over terrestrial China
  • -> The MOE (Ministry of Education) Key Laboratory for Earth Surface Processes, in cooperation with the college of Urban and Environmental Sciences